Cobra Uniden Antenna Amplifiers Microphones Cb radio reviews modifications


  Cobra Uniden Antenna Amplifiers Microphones Cb radio reviews modifications

CB Radio Videos by


How to add talkback to a CB Radio



President Jackson Video Overview



Clear Channel AR3500 Ranger Review



Cobra 29 LX LE Overview



Uniden 640e AM/SSB Review


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Overview : Roadpro Titan II RPSY-485 Part 2



Superstar 121 Audio Test



Overview : General Lee 10 meter radio  



General Lee Audio Test



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Overview : Galaxy 95T Part 2 AM / SSB



Overview : Cobra 148 GTL AM / SSB



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Overview : Realistic TRC-427



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Galaxy DX 55V vs. Texas Ranger TR696FD-1 CB Audio Comparison



Galaxy DX 55V Export 10 Meter Radio / CB Review - Overview



Realistic TRC-480 40 Channel AM / SSB (Single Side Band) CB Radio with Scan feature



Cobra 29 LTD BT Bluetooth Review *Part 1* "Overview and Functions" CB Radio



Cobra 29 LTD BT Bluetooth Review *Part 2* "Bluetooth Functions" CB Radio Overview



Cobra 29 LTD BT Bluetooth Review *Part 3* "Tuning and Modifications" CB Radio Overview



President HR2600 11 meter modification Xtal swap for CB frequencies



Uniden PC122XL AM & SSB CB Radio Overview/Review - Modification / Tuning Locations



Texas Ranger RCI TR-696FD1 Freedom One CB Radio Video Review



CB Microphone Comparison Test



How to use a SWR meter -



Cobra 2000 GTL CB Base Radio Video review



General Longstreet Audio Test - CB Radio Export



Ranger RCI Superstar SS-158EDX Conversion



Ranger RCI-2980 Export 10 Meter CB Radio Review



Miscellaneous YOUTUBE CB videos page!

Below we've put some links to some interesting, funny or just plain dumb CB radio videos we've found on youtube.

Click on any video to play it in a new window.


Listening to some guys keydown on the superbowl channel 6. Radio is Magnum M1, antenna is Monkey Made MM9 long shaft. 9-24-07 about 7pm



Short video showing the Stryker 440 radio at night - gives a neat idea of what the lighting looks like.



Video comparing the Magnum S-9 against the President Adams


A nice clip of a recent QSO, 13ET145 in Hanover. Nice to hear him on the air Marc, pity the QSB hit hard. Hope to hear you again on The Triple dude. TX power - 15w, just running on tickover!

Dutch station talking to slovenian station on CH1 mid band...CB Radio DX Dutch station talking to slovenian on CH1 mid band DELBOY


The clarifier on the Cobra 148 GTL DX radio "Cobraman" explains the finer points


How to get USB or LSB on a AM CB Radio

Cobra 148 GTL CB Radio

A Cobra 148 GTL built in 1985 -modified


Galaxy DX-2517

This is an exterior view of the Galaxy DX-2517 CB radio



Antenna using Belden RG-8U Commercial Grade Coax. Have a Astatic Minuteman II D-104 M6 microphone

Galaxy DX-2547 with Viagra inside

a quick video review showing the Galaxy DX-2547 with Viagra inside


Cobraman talks about hist Cobra 148GTL DX and the work he has done on it.
26tm022 ang 26at715 in qso, recorded by 29cl010 in ireland...cb radio ireland to england
A good video showing someone using a radio shack SWR meter
Realistic TRC-449 CB Radio, for me this radio is one of the best CB radios ever build, solid construction. Simple 40 channels AM/SSB
cb radio shoot out...cb radio shoot out key down
Vid from my cb room ;) Newest radios is Zodiac M3000 and the brand new PRESIDENT JACKSON II :) Love that rig...CB radio president jackson
alan rb 499 on my MY SUPERSTAR 360FM...cb radio
Mr Mike again, this time chatting with the USA from England on 'the hill' way back in January 1994 !...dx amateur cb radio
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin on a CB radio asking the truckers on the 101 to do a barrel roll....

with austria (dx-ing) on the fm mid band. im on highground just outside worthing west sussex south cost united kingdom...cb radio


skip on 38 lsb barefoot....because that's how we roll..out of the box! =-)...Skip CB radio

the keydown...keydown cb radio huntersville nc watts amplifier

jacksonville, nc keydown 2007...keydown cbradio cb radio jacksonville wingnut shasha davemade fatboy




.07! this is the best video of the night....cobra 2000 ground plain mud duck mobile cb radio watts conditions skip 222 trip duces
Just a quick look at what i use...cb icom antenna my radio setup

Receiving some skip on 27.025....cb radio skip skipshooting skipshooter citizen band
CB...CB radio light bulb

vroom vroom...shasha cb radio keydown amplifier watts



  Cobra Uniden Antenna Amplifiers Microphones Cb radio reviews modifications

  Cobra Uniden Antenna Amplifiers Microphones Cb radio reviews modifications

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